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August 27th - September 3rd 2024

We are experiencing a period of profound transformation,

offering a unique opportunity to revitalize our lives, gain greater clarity, and discover a deeper sense of purpose.

Immerse yourself in the healing power of plant medicine, guided by indigenous medicine keepers who share their traditional music and wisdom. This comprehensive program is designed to support and guide you throughout this transformative journey, helping you to unlock new dimensions of understanding and personal growth.


Jaguar & Lily together make an incredible, light-filled & joyful healing pair. Each holds and shares such divine masculine & feminine energies that radiate profoundly into all of us. I felt so safe with and held by both of them in my plant medicine journeys. They are true catalysts for healing & words can’t describe the magic they bring to these experiences!
- Brig


Before the retreat

Prior to our time together in Costa Rica, we will gather online over Zoom to get to know each other better, set individual and collective intentions, and go over all of the details in preparation for ceremony, and hold each other through the full 14 day Dieta.

Before the ceremony in Costa Rica
Tues Aug 27 - Fri Aug 30

We will spend the first 3 nights at Casa Luna, up in the hills above Samara. During this time, we will work through an entire program to prepare for ceremony. Breathwork, Cold Plunging, Yoga, Nutrition, and slowing down our nervous system. As well as preparatory medicine ceremonies with Rapé and Kambo.

Ceremony with Shanenawa Tribe
Fri Aug 30 - Sun Sept 1

We will share 2 evening master plant ceremonies with the tribe at Om Jungle Medicine. Shared accommodations, food by conscious chef, integration circle, pool and rest time between ceremonies included. Renowned as the “Doctors of the Forest,” the Shanenawá People are scholars of medicinal herbs and plant medicine. Their indigenous cosmovision is to help heal the heart of humanity. Shava, shava!

After Ceremony
Sun Sept 1 - Tues Sept 3

After ceremony, we will return to Casa Luna for 2 more nights, where we will dive deep into the messages we received in ceremony, and continue to nourish our body & soul, staying in alignment with the post-ceremony vibration. We will also hold a closing ceremony around a fire on the beach.

After the retreat

Following the retreat, we will gather online over Zoom for 2 integration calls. Integration is a crucial part of the ceremonial experience (with or without plant medicine), as it makes space for us to apply what we have learned into our day-to-day life.





Intuitive | Lightworker | Angelic Channeler

Laura, ie “Lily” in medicine, is here as a guide and guardian on your path of healing. For nearly 20 years, Laura has been a facilitator of the Light through her roles as an intuitive, body worker, light energy worker and yoga teacher. Creating a bridge between the physical world and the subtle realms, she is a guide on earth and in the spiritual planes. Her path in medicine began in 2022, and it truly was a coming home. She came to medicine to reclaim herself after terminating a traumatic long-term relationship to an alcoholic. Laura has worked with many medicines and facilitators in sacred ceremony. Her “home” tribe is the Yawanawa, whose village she visited in 2023 in Brazil for their celebratory Vivencia! Laura trusts in the healing power of medicine to ignite a remembrance of your true authentic self. Her role is to light a pathway of protection and experience to ensure that your journey home is anchored in love and luminous light.


Medicine Guide | Plant Educator | Coach

Jacob, ie “ Jaguar,” comes to you from a space of pure light and love. He was guided back to the vibration of inner source connection and wisdom from his mother’s example of radical change and acceptance through her medicine path. His medicine journey started in 2022 when he moved to Costa Rica to overcome alcoholism and substance abuse. Jacob studied natural medicine through his dieta with the Shipibo in Peru and his work with Brazilian indigeous tribes. In Peru, he studied the master plants Chiric Sanango and Bobinsana and was named Soi Pino, which means “Great Healer.” He traveled through the deepest and darkest avenues of his trauma to heal. The result was an unveiling of beauty, light and love that he carries today with upright purpose and integrity. His calling and promise is to provide an uncompromised, personalized space for those who are called to radical change. Jacob is honored to be your guide.


Lily and Jaguar met in ceremony with their beloved tribe, the Yawanawa, in August of 2022. They came into union at the start of 2024 and were called into action to be of service to those seeking deep, transformational healing. This retreat creates a bridge between you and facilitators that serve medicine with love and integrity. Holding a torch of light, Lily and Jaguar will be your guides as you reconnect to your inner strength, sovereignty and to source within.

“Laura has such a wonderful, caring spirit which you feel the entire time you are with her. Her light, energy and words allowed me to see where I am in my life and will help guide me as I move forward.”
- Mary

“Jacob is one of a kind. He has been guiding me for years now. When I have Jacob and his spiritual forces accompanying me, I know I can do the deepest work I can, in the safest, most joy-FULL container possible.”

- Cameron


Pajé Maná

Chief | Scholar | Shaman

Shanenawá People – People of the Blue Bird

The Shanenawà people have lived traditionally on the banks of the Envira River in Brazil since 1940. Considered by all indigenous people as the Doctors of the Forest, they are scholars of medicinal herbs and are renowned for their plant medicine healing.

Giving voice to the Shanenawá nation, Pajé Maná Shanenawá is the chief and shaman of the Kene Merá village. Maná has a degree in Letters from the Federal University of Acre and is a teacher in their village.

For 16 years, through the teachings of ancestral wisdom and their own people's knowledge, Maná was prepared by the village elders to be consecrated as one of the connoisseurs of sacred medicines, one of the Pajés.

Maná travels outside of the village with two objectives: the first, to speak and spread the Shanenawá indigenous cosmovision, the school of spirituality or the school of life, to aid the healing heart of humanity. The second objective: the collection of financial resources to repair everything that was destroyed by a flood that happened in the year 2021, which caused great damage to the physical structures of the community, leaving some important structures completely damaged.

Maná brings in his valuable messages from the forest, from everything that is being forgotten and that needs to be illuminated again. As a Pajé and Cacique, he understands the importance of the collective, of shared decisions, and of prioritizing what is good for everyone demonstrating alternatives of visions and quality of life.


Starting at $2,550

+ $500 USD ceremony fee


  • 5 nights at Casa Luna in the hills of Samara

  • All meals, organic, local, and freshly prepared

  • Private transportation in a comfortable car or shuttle

  • Local outings to the beach, waterfall, and much more

  • 1-hour massage

  • Intimate group (4-10 people - see details in FAQ)



  • Introduction to the Shanenawa ways of healing

  • 2 Master Plant Medicine Ceremonies at Om Jungle

  • Kambo, Rapé, and Sananga

  • Yoga, Breathwork, and Cold Plunges

  • Pre-retreat preparation and intention setting

  • Post-retreat integration

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