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Metatron energy healing is channeled through the higher chakras down through me to you, I act as a bridge connecting you to this frequency of color and light. I use both hands on healing as well as work within the aura to help you to maintain optimum health. The body responds naturally to the vibration of light and it has the ability to enter at a cellular level to bring lasting changes and recovery. 

You may experience this energy though color, geometric shapes, and many other sensations that will allow you to feel lighter, relaxed, and connected to your true, authentic self. Channeled guidance is often given by Metatron about the next steps to take to help you move forward and step into all you came here to be.

Color is incorporated through Metatron aura sprays, crystals, visualizations and color breathing when appropriate. Other techniques might be used to facilitate your healing, what’s important is to create space for Metatron to speak and work with you individually to fit your highest needs. You are encouraged to empower yourself through Metatron’s love, guidance and light to break free from old patterns, habits, and behaviors and start the journey back to health, happiness and contentment. 

I have been connected to the Archangels my whole life and remember seeing them as a child. I was groomed by Archangel Micheal of the blue ray, and have always worked with all of the Archangels in my life and with facilitating Lightwork. Metatron came to me in 2019 to teach me, heal me and recruit me as a facilitator of this profoundly powerful work. It “leveled up” my connection when working with a 100% pure divine light source, by empowering me to step into a deeper space of maturity within myself and my work. I specialize in Chakra Balancing/Lightbody Activation, Ancestral Healing, Inner Child Healing, Past Life Healing, Distance Healing and more. 

Metatron Color Healing 

Metatron Color Healing is threaded into the Massage/Lightwork sessions.

To receive this work exclusively as an energy session contact Laura to make an appointment.

metatron color oils
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